Sameday cutoff time In WooCommerce

In many cases next day cutoff time is required in order to prepare for next day delivery but sometimes you need time to prepare same day deliveries as well for certain perishable products. In that former case you need Sameday cutoff time in WooCommerce, which is described as below.

In many cases there are certain products which need to have some time to manage a same day delivery. For that you need to place a Sameday cutoff time in WooCommerce in order to prepare for same day Delivery. WooODT Extended can handle it with a single input box. All you need to input a time in ODT Management setting page like below screen-shot, the time, till when you can accept orders for same day delivery. Of-course customers can place orders after that time but they will not be able to select today’s date as delivery/pickup date, customers have to select a date that comes after tomorrow. As you see below without the same day the same day is Selectable –
No Same day cutoff time In WooCommerce
But Once added the input , same day is not selectable –
Same day cutoff time In WooCommerce
Same day cutoff time In WooCommerce
This is the way WooODT Extended handles sameday cutoff time in WooCommerce, for more customer friendly and user friendly experience for the benefit of both the customer and vendor. For next day cutoff time blog – For visiting our product page –
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How to setup:

About 5 minutes
Necessary Items:

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