Shipping charge by distance

Here we  see how to set WooCommerce delivery charges by kilometer, and the features we will cover as –

  • Free shipping up to certain kilometer
  • After covering free shipping distance charge per kilometer
  • Shipping charge by distance(km) will be calculated on checkout page based on user’s shipping address

So, how to do that?

We need – WooODT Extended plugin and it’s Map Addon plugin.

Once you activated both plugin navigate to Map options menu on WooODT Extended menu and put Your storehouse address – this is the place from where distance of customers’s shipping address will be calculated

Google map API key – sign in to google map and grab an API key and paste it there.

Mention – Up what kilometer you will provide free shipping, For example- to 30 kilometer there is no shipping charge

Cost per kilometer –  this will be applied to extra kilometer after free kilometer get cover up, if you put it as 2 USD per km and if the customer’s shipping address is 45 km away, so customer will be charged as (45-30)2=30 USD.
Settings page looks like below screen-shot.

Now we are done and lets see what happen on checkout page.

So as per my settings my free delivery area is up to 5 km, and after that it will cost 2 USD/km. and I am choosing an distance that is 9.3 km away from my store house, so when I put my address on checkout page the plugin automatically calculates the distance from store house and heighlight it on Google map and show the distance to customer, like below screen-shot

Now the distance is 9.3 km and we have free delivery up to 5 km, so the cost should be

(9.3 – 5) * 2 = 4.3 * 2 = 8.6 USD

The same is added as delivery charge by distance on total amount to pay, as below screen-shot.

View the product WooODT Extended Map Addon.

read in details how to obtain Google API key here –

*** This plugin will require SSL / https to work. 

How to setup:

About 5 minutes
Necessary Items:

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