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Our WooODT Extended Map Addon plugin determinate the shipping charges after calculating the exact distance of the customer's address location. As well, it has a unique feature of offering free shipping up to a certain kilometres (depends as per your requirements), after covering this free shipping distance it will apply the shipping charge per every kilometre automatically.

Here we  see how to set WooCommerce delivery charges by kilometer, and the features we will cover as –

  • Free shipping up to certain kilometer
  • After covering free shipping distance charge per kilometer
  • Shipping charge by distance(km) will be calculated on checkout page based on user’s shipping address

So, how to do that?

We need – WooODT Extended plugin and it’s Map Addon plugin.

Once you activated both plugin navigate to Map options menu on WooODT Extended menu and put Your storehouse address – this is the place from where distance of customers’s shipping address will be calculated

Google map API key – sign in to google map and grab an API key and paste it there.

Mention – Up what kilometer you will provide free shipping, For example- to 30 kilometer there is no shipping charge

Cost per kilometer –  this will be applied to extra kilometer after free kilometer get cover up, if you put it as 2 USD per km and if the customer’s shipping address is 45 km away, so customer will be charged as (45-30)2=30 USD.
Settings page looks like below screen-shot.

Now we are done and lets see what happen on checkout page.

So as per my settings my free delivery area is up to 5 km, and after that it will cost 2 USD/km. and I am choosing an distance that is 9.3 km away from my store house, so when I put my address on checkout page the plugin automatically calculates the distance from store house and heighlight it on Google map and show the distance to customer, like below screen-shot

Now the distance is 9.3 km and we have free delivery up to 5 km, so the cost should be

(9.3 – 5) * 2 = 4.3 * 2 = 8.6 USD

The same is added as delivery charge by distance on total amount to pay, as below screen-shot.

View the product WooODT Extended Map Addon.

read in details how to obtain Google API key here –

*** This plugin will require SSL / https to work. 

How to setup:

About 5 minutes
Necessary Items:

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4 comments on “Shipping charge by distance

We deliver maximum of 60km radius from our Saint Marys location. The price increases extra 15% from 40km to 50km, 20% from 50km to 60km. the main price coming from product regular price. is it possible with this plugin ?

The page I need help with:

M Dalabar

“The price increases extra 15% from 40km to 50km, 20% from 50km to 60km” this part will require customization, as the original plugin will increase price per km after crossing your defined boundary. For a customized demo please write to requesting this custom functionality.


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