Avoiding automatic unzipping in Mac – Safari

You may run into the following issue if you are using a MAC and Safari browser – the downloaded zipped folders extract themselves and you can’t upload all files/folders to wp-admin plugin installer page/theme installer page. Below we have listed following steps by which you can keep our files/folders intact as zip to be uploaded when you try to install the downloaded the plugin/theme.

Do the following so your zip files don’t open automatically after you download them:

1) Go into Safari Preferences (you will find them in settings drop down).

2) The page that will open will be general page or if it does not open in that page then go to Page titled General.

3) Scroll down to the bottom of the general page.

4) Deselect the box with the text “Open safe files after downloading”. (This may be checked by default).

5) Now re-download the plugin/theme file and it will remain as a .zip file which which can be uploaded seamlessly to WordPress.

The key is to upload the .zip file via the WordPress plugin uploaded interface (not the unzipped folder)


This way you can keep the zipped files as they are and use them as required.

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