Additional new order notification email for each location

This blog illustrates how to add email for each location, so that when any location receives an order the location admin also can get notified about the new order along with WooCommerce store admin.

All you need to do is to add email beside of the each location – for both Delivery and pickup.

Then this corresponding location email will also receive a copy of new order notification mail whenever a new order is placed for that location.

Note you can put different email addresses for each location.

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2 comments on “Additional new order notification email for each location

Hi im testing your your plugin and sending email to different adresses does not work for me.
I have testet multiple times, but it only sends mail to site admin and customer and does not include locations admins. Im currently using your 7 day free trial version to confirm this before i buy.

I contacted you guys about this last Wednesday put i have yet to hear back from you.
Quick reply will be highly appreciated.

R Mandal

No need to worry regarding this.Support team is checking that issue. You will be updated within next two working days.


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