Calendar issues for WooCommerce laundry plugin


One of the reasons calendar  may not be working may be due to your site language. Below we list the languages that the plugin currently supports –

  1. en_US i.e English
  2. de_DE i.e German (Germany)
  3. de-CH i.e German (Switzerland)
  4. da_DK i.e German (Switzerland)
  5. fr_FR i.e French (France)
  6. fr_CA   i.e French (Canada)
  7. es_ES   i.e Basque (Spain)

but if your language  is not from the above list then contact us at email given below and our support team will add language patch for your site.

In case you still have problems , write to us at mentioning your order number and we will help you out.

View the product details here –

Laundry Pickup & Delivery Plugin for WooCommerce

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