Setting Up Delivery/Pickup Service Routine

Want to create your own delivery/pickup service routine? There is a solution with WooCommerce. Our plugin has that feature which allow you to create your own delivery/pickup service routine. How it works, we explained it below.

This is to show you how to create your own delivery/ pickup service routine.

Here we have two kind of configuration

  1. Different delivery and/or pickup time(a dot time by 15 minutes interval or an automatic slot of 30 minutes) for each day and for each location
  2. Custom slot(time slot and interval as per your wish unlike the previous one) for each location(it will be repeated for all seven days of a week)

So as an example of the 2nd option follow this:

Suppose your Delivery/Service Routine is

A) Delivery will happen only on Weekdays. from 3 pm to 8 pm at The Nail World bhawanipore and Friday and Saturday between 10 – 2 Day time at The nail world Kaikhali respectively.

B) Pickup will be at 2 locations

The nail world Kaikhali – 4 pm to 7 pm on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday


The Nail World Bhawanipore – 11 Am to 3 Pm and Wednesday,Thursday & Friday limiting the deliveries to 10 

(both the locations are in areas of Kolkata )

So first you have to set the timings and days in location setting of ODT management

Remember to set break time in between the start time and the end time. If you don’t have a break then use same value as break start and end time.

Pickup Settings:

Pickup location settings

Delivery Settings:

Delivery location settings

Once you have set the timings and date in the location settings then go to van management of Management 

Like so –

Van management settings menu
You will get this field for pickup.

Remember to save all these settings.

End result will be –

Pick up – ( The nail world Kaikhali)

Pick up ( The Nail World bhawanipore)


Please note that you need to select time slot in the ODT management settings

NOTE- In case you don’t want a break time put the break start and break end timings as same e.g 2:15 PM-2:15 PM in case of location settings menu, which is to be set up as below.

Pickup settings

Get the plugin here –

How to setup:

About 5 minutes
Necessary Items:

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7 comments on “Setting Up Delivery/Pickup Service Routine

hola se paga anual o es un solo pago?


Its one time payment, If you need support after one year then you will be asked to renew it for another year. No force renewal or auto renewal is there.

Birkan Terzi

Hi Can I disable the order type? I will only use the Pick Up.


I don’t understand how works “ordres limits” in Locations settings. I want to limit 5 orders each 15 minutes in pick up and limite 10 orders each 30 minutes in delivery. How I have to set this ?


Follow the same as described in this same article use van management settings as shown in screenshots for second option, follow the 2nd method as the first method are being obsolete we keep it to support those who are using it from older version. For new installation use the second method, if you cant find it out just email to ByConsole Support Team with a temporary access and support team will set this up for you.



How do I limit one pickup order every 15 minutes?

M Dalabar

Yes, you can do that by creation slots of 15 minutes and then set each slot’s pickup limit to 1 (one).
Please follow this below guide article to create slots and limit them for number of pickups.


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