Logistics & Courier Plugin Setup

Here we discuss WooCommerce Logistics and Courier Plugin Setup in the Sixth part of the setup series.

To install the Logistics & Courier Plugin please follow below –
First you need to download zip files from my downloads section followed by going to WP dashboard and then navigating to add new plugin and uploading the zip file. Please choose the latest version 1.0.0 V


Menus of the plugin

There are only 3 menus in the Logistics & Courier Plugin each catering to specific needs as shown below
ByConsole pickup and Delivery
Holiday Settings
Van Management

ByConsole pickup and Delivery

Logistics & Courier Plugin
ByConsole pickup and delivery

As you can see here – there are 3 fields API key being the main to calculate the distance and to to the map integrations properly . Which is followed by the distance charge per KM which you want for each delivery.
Finally the country since you have to deliver in same country.

Holiday Settings

This is to allow the admin to set a holiday per pickup and delivery settings.Meaning that if you have a specific day off for pickup or delivery you can do that.

Holiday Settings

Van Management Setting

Van managements allows you to set your own time slots as per your convenience and the order limit as well .

Delivery & Pickup Management Settings


On font end after setup of Logistics & Courier Plugin you will see

Step 1 – Add the product to cart

Step 2 – As one goes to checkout first pickup details are filled. Along with date and time of Pickup

Logistics & Courier Plugin

Step 3 – Delivery details are filled. and the time of drop is also added

Logistics & Courier Plugin

Step 4 – Final part all the details are there before placing and order.

Logistics & Courier Plugin
Final page

These are the basic setup instructions for Logistics & Courier Plugin Setup . To request any particular type of customisation please mail at support@byconsole.com. If you are having any issues please mail at the same. To go to our product page – https://www.plugins.byconsole.com/product/logistics-and-courier-service-plugin-for-woocommerce/

To go to our Setup series – https://blog.byconsole.com/category/setup-series/

How to setup:

About 5 minutes
Necessary Items:
Logistics and courier service plugin for WooCommerceGoogle Map API key

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Good afternoon. Do you have telephone assistance in Spanish?

I am developing a multi-seller online store and I intend to implement a system of collection and delivery of the products I only require adaptability with dokan or shipday I only need to have the customer’s address and the seller’s address in the checkout and send it to my order panel of wordpres. Basically those are what I require but I am waiting for a recommendation from your team.

I will really weigh from 0 and as I go with more income I could be requesting more products or recommendations from you.

I appreciate your attention.

M Dalabar

Please come on on online chat anytime 🙂


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