Product wise Time Table Setup

Product wise Time table is a regularly sought out plugin in which every product can have their own pickup deliver and it doesn't effect the full cart. In the Fifth Part we see the setup for another important plugin.

First thing you need to do is to install Product wise Time Table before setting it up.
Download zip files from my downloads section followed by going to WP dashboard and then navigating to add new plugin and uploading the zip file. Please choose the latest version.

NOTE – Both Menu Rotation and Product wise Time Table have single day selection where as Product Repeat Delivery Dates plugin has multiple date selection.

Below we discuss 2 types of setup –

  1. Global
  2. Individual

Global menus of the plugin

Product wise Time Table
Global menus

As you can see WooPTT has 6 menus apart from a special one under each product. Here we discuss all of them one by one.

WOOPTT Settings

The basic things to set here is –
A. Number of days you want to show in calendar.
B. Number of days you want to restrict n calendar.
C. Button text.

Product wise Time Table
WOOPTT Settings

Holiday Settings

This is the global holiday setup and you can set national holiday , casual holiday and day wise holiday.

Holiday Settings

WOOPTT time slot (V1.0.2)

You can set up two types of slot here custom or dynamic. Below you see the difference one by one.This are category wise set.

1. Custom slot

Here you can setup global time slots like you wish , say a broad 1 slot 8 AM to 8 PM or 3 different slots like below

Product wise Time Table slots
Custom slot
2. Dynamic slots

Here you need to add start time , end time and the duration of the slots you want. Rest calculation will be done automatically. Please put break time as per example below same time if no break i.e 15:00 to 15 :00 ( the break time has to be between start and end time in this Product wise Time Table plugin.

Product wise Time Table slots

Dynamic slots

WOOPTT Report (1.0.2)

This will give the report of the orders on each day , you can choose between delivery and pickup . The report will give comprehensive details of – The order , product , date and time as well as contact details. You can download or print it as well.

Product wise Time Table report

Categories wise disable (1.0.2)

Here you can disable the plugin features for certain categories. Or you can disable for certain dates as well

Categories wise disable

Individual Setup of the plugin

For this you need to navigate to the menus under individual product page. Under the table product data you will find a lot of menus such as general , inventory , attributes all related to that particular product.You will see an extra menu there – Product Availability Schedule

Product wise Time Table
Product Availability Schedule

There are 3 parts to this part of the product wise time table set up.

General settings

You need to activate this in order for plugin to work.

Product wise Time Table
Product Cutoff Time

Each product can have its own Cut Off time either for same day or next Day or both. Each for delivery and pickup.

Cut off times
Date wise Pickup delivery

You can use this section if you have products available on certain date. Don’t forget to click enable for this.

Date wise Pickup Delivery
Day Wise Pickup Delivery

Here is the regular settings in which you can set the days the product is available. Do enable this to work.
Note – Day and date wise don’t work together. IT is an Either Or situation

Product wise Time Table
Day wise

Below are the front end looks –

In single product page –

Product wise Time Table
Single Product Page

Cart page –

Product wise Time Table

Checkout page

Product wise Time Table

We have also done integration with Product Wise Time Table Plugin and the other multi vendor system.
1. Dokan –
2. WC Vendors –
3. To go to this product –

If you need any other type of customisation please leave a mail at

How to setup:

About 5 minutes
Necessary Items:
Product Time Table for WooCommerceWordPress

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