Minimum servicing time for WooCommerce laundry plugin

In this set up we give the admin more flexibility options to set up pickup and delivery as they like. You can set up the minimum servicing time for WooCommerce laundry plugin. Our Laundry plugin. This allows the admin to set up time between pick up and delivery – by hours so that they can provide same day pickup and delivery depending on there product.Below you see how –Minimum servicing time field Result once you to to check out –checkout page for minimum servicing time to check minimum servicing time for same dayAs you can see there is the 1 hour difference between pickup and deliveryIf the product require a few hours for the pick up to happen that can also be possible as is shown below –Minimum servicing time field In that case it will allow pickup after the time stipulated at the back end from the current time. –checking minimum servicing timeThus you can see – Minimum servicing time for WooCommerce laundry plugin can be set up this way to the benefit of both the customers who want faster service and the shop owner who have the option for same especially in the case of smaller clothes like socks etc. For more go to our blog –
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