Product/Categorywise Pickup & Delivery in WooCommerce

For many it is a requirement to have some products/categories only for pickup and some for delivery i.e Product/Categorywise Pickup or Delivery in WooCommerce

This will need a special customisation of the plugin which will include a separate menu for the same. Here we pull all the products and list all them for pickup and delivery.
Product wise pickup delivery
So when you tick a product for pickup/delivery it will show only pickup/delivery. As you can see in the following screenshots.
product wise pickup
If you click on both then both the pickup and delivery will show.
Both pickup and delivery
You can also request category wise pickup and Delivery in cases where there are too many products. The system will be the same as shown below.
Category wise pickup delivery
Product wise delivery
Alternatively you can also request for extra shipping tab in which the selected products will be shipped. In that case there will be three tabs pickup delivery and shipping. So a product can be shipped or picked up or delivered. If it is chosen as shipped ODT will not show in the checkout page
Product wise pickup delivery and shipping
Product wise shipping
Hence you can request any of the above customisation above. Note they will be a part of paid support for both Pro Version and free one.
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How to setup:

About 5 minutes
Necessary Items:

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Dharmishtha Patel

I have select delivery select product price 15% increase in my store if I have select pickup up product price has same

N Tripathi

You can get that looked at. Please mail at


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