Order limiting per location per time slot

This article guide you about how to setup pick up and/or delivery limit per location per time slot. As an example you can set up one pickup per 15 minutes at your pickup point. Also like one delivery per 30 minutes. You can set your own time slot for each pickup points and delivery areas, then limit delivery and/or pickup per time slot for that pickup point/delivery area.

Depending on you production capacity or on certain situation you may need to accept limited order per delivery/pickup point per time slot, Here with WOoODT Extended you can achieve this.

Suppose you have 5 pickup points/hubs as pickup cation A, B, C,D and E. Depending on your production capacity or on certain situation like mandatory social distancing on COVID-19 era you need to limit pickups per time slot. Hypothetically say as 
1 order pickup per 15 minutes for pickup point A
2 orders per 20 minutes for pickup point B
X number order pickup per 10 hours for pickup point C
and so on…

With WooODT Extended you can set it up easily.

Below screenshot demonstrate how you can set up limit per time slot.
So you can include the number of pickup orders next to the time slots in van management menu as shown below.
NOTE: If you leave that “Maximum pickup allowed” as blank then it will not limit number of pickup for that respective slot.

Limiting number of pickup for each pickup slots.

This feature is available from WooODT Extended V- release notes).

Checkout this plugin.

How to setup:

About 5 minutes
Necessary Items:

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