Order limiting per location per time slot

Depending on you production capacity or on certain situation you may need to accept limited order per delivery/pickup point per time slot, Here with WOoODT Extended you can achieve this.

Suppose you have 5 pickup points/hubs as pickup cation A, B, C,D and E. Depending on your production capacity or on certain situation you need to limit
10 orders per 5 hours for pickup point A
2 orders per 20 minutes for pickup point B
25 orders per 10 hours for pickup point C
and so on…

With WooODT Extended you can set it up easily, lets see how we can set up our store like this way.
Navigate to Features Settings menu and check the check box that says Limit [X] number of orders per [Y] hour(s): same as below screen-shot

Enabling per time slot per location order limitation in WooODT Extended
Enabling per time slot per location order limitation in WooODT Extended

Okay so far you have enabled the order limitation per time slot per location. Now lets set how many orders we will accept per time slot for each location.
Navigate to Location settings page and set up the number of hours and minutes will be counted as slot and the number of orders can be accepted by each location separately. As per our example our settings should look like below screen-shot.

Per location per time slot order limitation - WOoODT Extended
Per location per time slot order limitation settings

So as you see the first location can accept 10 orders per 5 hours, so whenever it will reach 10 orders within any 5 hours that is on same day, the time selection drop-down will block that 5 hours, but as soon as the current time reach on any order pickup time that has been placed 5 hours ago it will allow one more order for the current 5 hours slot.

Suppose its 2 PM and we have 10 order to get ready by/within 9 PM so the time drop-down will block the time till (current time slot as 2 PM + 5 hours) 7 PM, now if its 4 PM and we had an order with pickup time as 4 PM, so as soon as it will be 4 PM the plugin will allow to place one more order within (4 PM + 5) till 9 PM and it will be continued same way till end of your today’s service time.

NB: When you set it in shorter time like say 2 orders per 15 minutes, it may seems it accepts 3rd order with 15 minutes, but its not actually that, lets explain what happening here
As soon as the first order’s pickup time reached(in some 15 minutes slot), the slot will make a place for another one, it will be counted 15 minutes from any where of 24 hours time frame, suppose 17.15 to 17.30, if this time frame already contains two orders to be ready, as one is at
17.15(pickup time for first order)
and another is
at 17.30(pickup time for 2nd order),
and when you website’s clock reach to 17.15, it will allow another order within 17.30 as it’s assumed that a order has been release on 17.15.


Alternatively you can include the number of orders you  want next to the time slots in van management menu as shown below.

This feature is available from  WooODT Extended V-`


This feature is available from WooODT Extended V- release notes).

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