WooODT Extended shortcodes

Shortcodes to list up pickup locations, delivery locations. Show order delivery date time, location snippet & show date time location widget on any page.

WooODT Extended has below shortcodes to use on any page/post editor or on templates.

A) List up pickup points 

[WooODT_Extended_pickup_points show_weekdays='YES' show_email='YES' sort_by_alphabetical='YES']

This will list all currently active pickup locations and the service routine for each pickup mlocation.

B) List up delivery locations

[WooODT_Extended_delivery_points show_weekdays='YES' show_email='YES' sort_by_alphabetical='YES']

This will list up all currently active delivery locations and the service routine for each delivery location.


C) Date Time and Location widget

[WooODT_Extended_Widget width="300px" ]

This will capture order delivery/pickup date, time and location from customer.


D) Show delivery/pickup date time location for a placed order

[WooODT_Extended_display_order_date_time_location order_id=76]

NB: where the 76 is the id of your order, it will show ODT info for order with id 76.

This will show order type,date,time and location for a placed order

To go to our plugin – https://www.plugins.byconsole.com/

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2 comments on “WooODT Extended shortcodes


Your plugin works like a charm.
But how can I make the date and time pickup show in the pdf/print that I run from the woocommerce backend ?

M Dalabar

Yes, sure, just follow this guide article

If you need assistance feel free to ask the same at support@byconsole.com



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