Ask for delivery date time for specific zip codes only

Here we will see how to ask for customers’s desired date time for their order delivery who need delivery on specific zip codes only where we can fulfill their demand, for other customers we will not provide an option to ask for their desired  delivery date time. This is similar of our previous post where we show how to ask for delivery date time on specific sates only, here we are expanding it from state to zip codes, so more specific area.

SO lets start with an example, suppose

  • Our store is New York.
  • We do delivery all across the US.
  • We can fulfill customer;s delivery date time those who need delivery in New York but not in  Manhattan.
  • We can’t assure delivery date time for those who need delivery on certain zip code of Manhattan area.

So to fulfill the above example, we need to set up two shipping zone in WooCommerce Shipping settings page. Create a shipping zone and include all states of US, and another one with the zip codes we cant assure delivery date time, like below screen-shot.

Now put the zip codes in Manhattan area where we don’t want to ask for delivery date time

Don't ask for delivery date time for these zip code area
Make a list for zip codes where we don’t want to ask for delivery date time

And add all the states where we do delivery (this include the sates where we will ask for delivery date time as well as states where we don’t want to ask for date time)

Now navigate to “Date Time Disable Settings” page and check the states and zip codes for which we want to disable date time input from customers, as per our example it is should be below screen-shot.

Don't ask for delivery date time in checked the states and zip code areas
In checked states and zip code area plugin will not ask for delivery date time

So here the states or zip codes which are checked, when a customer type shipping address if the shipping state or zip code falls on those checked states/zip codes, the delivery date time widget will not be shown to customers.

Required Plugins:

WooODT Extended V-

Weight Based Dynamic Shipping Charge v-1.0.3

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