Common hosting problems Faced

First a small snippet of what we do-

We are web hosting service provider, who provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. It is to be remembered that websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers. we also help in DOMAIN registration

So what are the basic web hosting problems which are faced generally ?

There are 7 basic problems which are usually seen-

  • Cant see the website – The reasons can be three fold. either the domain name has expired or or the domain name may not be pointed to the server or it is simply taking time to navigate through the system. One has to keep in mind that it takes anywhere between 6-24 hours to propagate through the system.
  • Cant see the changes made to the website  – This is mainly due to the fact that browser is calling up the cached version. This can be cured by simply pressing refresh button or by deleting the cache of web browser.
  • I am only able to see Index listing – By default the browser looks for website  index.htm/html/shtml/php/etc and if your website does not have a file with these names then it will show the listing of every thing of your public HTML.This is fix by naming your home page index.html or the other extensions given above. The index page must exist directly in public_html folder.
  • ‘ Website coming soon’ – This is also the product of the above problems i.e either the listing problem or the cache problem.
  • Everything has stopped working – there should be some PHP programming error and something is wrong with the scripting or IP is blocked.
  • Some of my page and  images are missing – There is a high chance if you are sure that you have uploaded every thing that the links are incorrect because file names are case sensitive on Linux servers.
  • DNS error – If you find DNS error by the domain provided by us , Be sure to place the following name servers –




These are the basic hosting problems faced. We can help you out on this and domain problems apart from our plugin products.

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