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Are you having problems with date picker? is it offline or off ? nothing you do seems to be working ?


Well the most obvious reason must be some thing in the WordPress theme.So what is a WordPress theme Firstly ?

A WordPress theme provides all of the front end styling of your WordPress site.

Most WordPress themes provide:

  • the overall design or style of your site
  • font styling
  • colors
  • widget locations
  • page layouts (or templates)
  • styles for blog posts and blog archives
  • additional stylistic details

so the best bet is that as the theme changed the date picker has some issues. where is the theme changing panel you say ? it is under appearance.

there are by default 3 themes two thousand fifteen, sixteen and seventeen so choose any one of them n check if the date picker has arrived.This usually stems from JS coding issue or CSS coding error.

Now if you see the calendar appears when you change the theme to any default theme, then investigate the theme you are using to check what causing the calendar disappearing.


Another reason Can be that times is not set properly in Location Settings. New version has a feature where one is supposed to put start time,end time and break time.

Please make sure that your break time is after the Service start time and end before the Service end time. For Example- Start time 7 am, End time 10 pm so the break time should be between them like so- 2:00 PM -2:30 PM as shown bellow.

NOTE- 1 st column under the day is for Service start time, 2nd one is service end time  and the columns under the Break time is for Break time start and break time end . (In case you don’t want a break time put the break start and break end timings as same e.g 2:15 PM-2:15 PM) 

NB- if your browser does not show AP/PM options please use 24 hours format.

What if I have no location restriction in case of delivery and only one location for pickup?
In that case please create a delivery location and name it as “My shipping address”
create a pickup location and name it as “some_street_address your_store name”

Where  “some_street_address” is your store street address and ” your_store name” is your store name.

NB: if you want to remove the location box completely please write to

C) ‘selected_date: undefined undefined’ Prompt 

In some cases you may find the alert coming ‘selected_date: undefined  undefined’ as shown in the screenshot below.

It happens because in the location settings of the ODT management menu the option of multiple pickup / delivery is not ticked.

As is shown below

Once you check that there is no trouble with the date picker.


If everything above fails just check once by changing to English. We have the support system for around 23 languages having the following  language code –

  1. en_US i.e English
  2. is  i.e Icelandic
  3. fi  i.e Finnish
  4. sv-SE i.e  Swedish (Sweden)
  5. de_DE i.e German (Germany)
  6. de-CH i.e German (Switzerland)
  7. da_DK i.e German (Switzerland)
  8. fr_FR i.e French (France)
  9. it_IT i.e Italian (Italy)
  10. hr i.e Croatian
  11. ro_RO  i.e Romanian (Romania)
  12. bg_BG  i.e Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
  13. cs_CZ  i.e Czech (Czech Republic)
  14. hu_HU  i.e Hungarian (Hungary)
  15. nl_NL  i.e Dutch (Netherlands)
  16. nl_BE   i.e Dutch (Belgium)
  17. pt_PT   i.e  Portuguese
  18. sk_SK  i.e Slovak (Slovakia)
  19. fr_CA   i.e French (Canada)
  20. es_ES   i.e Basque (Spain)
  21. nl-BE i.e Dutch (Belgium)
  22. he-IL i.e Hebrew
  23. nb-NO i.e Norwegian (Bokmål) – Norway
  24. ja i.e Japanis
  25. ar i.e Arabic

but if your language  is not from the above list then contact us at email given below and our support team will add language patch for your site.

In case you still have problems , write to us at mentioning your order number and we will help you out.

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for our hosting domain services go to –

This article is written when the latest version is, new rule may be applied on feature release.

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Hi, On our setup everything works, except the Calendar in mobile browsers. It shows the calendar, but no dates can be picked…. any suggestions. To be clear, it works fine on the desktop!


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