Please select location first – alert box

We have received a lot of queries on what to do if – Please select location first – dialogue box appears ?

This happen when you try to select a time without selection a location when you have custom slot disabled. As your delivery/pickup time may different for each location so it need to know for which location and day(the day you allow delivery and each day may have different service time) the available time to populate.

What if I have no location restriction in case of delivery and only one location for pickup?
In that case please create a delivery location and name it as “My shipping address”
create a pickup location and name it as “some_street_address your_store name”

Where  “some_street_address” is your store street address and ” your_store name” is your store name.

Also keep it in mind that your service routine should be logical and service start time, end time, break start time and break end time is mandatory for the day you allow delivery/pickup.  We have another article about how to set up service time for each delivery/pickup location, please refer to section B i.e BACK-END TIMINGS of the article named”CALENDAR / TIME PICKER NOT WORKING – WOODOT EXTENDED which clearly ask you to make sure that your break time is after the Service start time and end before the Service end time. For Example- Start time 7 am, End time 10 pm so the break time should be between them like so- 2:00 PM -2:30 PM. If you don’t have a break time then use the break start and end time with same value ie; 14.00 hrs to 1400 hrs.

You will also need to check enable multiple location both in pickup and delivery section present in the location setting of ODT Menu.

This article is written when the latest version is, new rule may be applied on feature release.


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