Maximum Order Deliveries per time slot

For those customers who need to limit their amount of deliveries per time slot, there is available settings in Van Management.
For this you need to know how to set up the time slots, for that you can follow the link given –

As you can see below in the updated version you can have the time slots for the different days and have a limit for those time slots to regulate the flow of your deliveries.

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3 comments on “Maximum Order Deliveries per time slot

Jose Pancorbo

Hello! Could I set maximum orders for pickup instead of deliveries per time slot? Regards

M Dalabar

Yes you can set maximum number of order pickup for each pickup slot on “van management” settings page under pickup locations section.
It is possible for both pickup and delivery and they have separate settings section.

Jose Pancorbo

Thanks! One last thing: Hello, If I develope a take away schedule with limited people to go to the restaurant in order not to be too much people in the restaurant due to coronavirus. Let`s say I have 5 slots every half an hour but someone call to order instead of ordering through the web. Can I disable one slot of the web?


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