Preorder Days Restriction per Category

In this specific customization we add Pre-order days restriction Per Category i.e Pre-order days restriction for every category. This is specifically required if certain categories need a minimum amount of days to get them ready.

This will need a special customization of the plugin which will include a separate menu for the same. Here we pull all the Categories and list all them along with individual Pre-order days restriction field.
Preorder days Restriction per Category
As above you can see that all the categories are listed and the numbers indicate the restriction day that is required for each category. Below we see the front end result of the days put in. First see which product covers the above shown categories.
Categories per product in WooCommerce
So on the front end if we have tester categories product we will see ( image taken on 26th of September) –
Preorder days Restriction per Category
And if the product is change to one which belongs to Uncategorized then we see ( image taken on 26th of September) –
Preorder days Restriction per Category
This way Preorder days Restriction per Category is set and works.

Alternatively you can also ask for a Product based customisation for this instead of Category based. In that case the menu will look like below. So then if Product 4 is added to the cart the checkout will come to –
Preorder days Restriction per Product
Hence you can request any of the above customisation above. Note they will be a part of paid support for both Pro Version and free one. Please mail at – for the same. To know more about our plugins-
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How to setup:

About 5 minutes
Necessary Items:

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5 comments on “Preorder Days Restriction per Category

Compre el Extended pero no aparece esa sección en el administrador, ¿Se compra por separado?

M Dalabar

Features categorized as “Customisation” means this can be achieved by a customized copy from us, you can request customization by emailing to mentioning your order number in subject line.


Are customization plugins guaranteed to remain compatible with newer versions of the original plugin ? Also, why don’t you integrate the customization requests in the main plugin as optional parameters ?

N Tripathi

Yes the customisation will remain compatible.And we develop the plugin as we go the management takes account of what to put in as optional parameters and what not. keep an eye on updates of the plugin you will see added features there.


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