Productwise Timetable For WC vendor setup in a snapshot

Our Woocommerce Plugin Product wise timetable for Multi Vendor has been especially made to cater to those customers who have WC Vendor Multivendor plugin and want to use Product wise timetable with it such that each vendor has its own time table. With this modified plugin now the person can set the time and location according to the vendor as different vendors may have different days and times of delivery and pick up will also be different.

Here we talk of the specially adapted productwise timetable for WC vendor,one of the multi vendor systems in the market . We show you the setup of the plugin to navigate it after installing. This way each vendor will get its own time table . Do Note this system will work such that you can checkout with multiple vendors In this case there are two types of settings –
1. Vendor
2. Global

1 Vendor Settings

A vendor can set up the the day of pickup and delivery for individual products and setup the cut off time for the same and the next day. We describe in detail below. Note the setup in pin product data portion per vendor( as shown below)
Productwise Timetable For WC vendor
The vendor set up consist of –
A. Day per product
B. Order Type
C. Cutoff time ( Same and Next Day )
DAY PER PRODUCT Here you can set the individual days for the product so if the product has its availability for particular day i.e Product A on Wednesdays and Saturdays he can do that.
Productwise Timetable For WC vendor
B. ORDER TYPE He can Choose if the product is Pickup or delivery or both depending on the individual setup. He can arrange the product time table in the way he has the product availability.
Productwise Timetable For WC vendor
C CUTOFF TIME ( SAME AND NEXT DAY ) So here the vendor can set up if he has the product available till certain time of the same day after which he need to stop the orders. Or that he need the order at a time a day before to arrange the order for the day. He can set it up separately for pickup or delivery.
Cutoff setup

2. Global Settings

This is the settings which affect all vendors all together. If you like us to make it vendor wise you will need to customize it. As there are common settings in Productwise Timetable For WC vendor A. Time
B. Days Open
C. Holidays
Productwise Timetable For WC vendor
A TIME ( PICKUP & DELIVERY ) Here the time for the products to be picked up say between 8 Am – 10 Pm is set by the admin , it affects all the products and vendors. There is different time for pickup and delivery
Global settings
B DAYS OPEN Here the admin can set the days he want the calendar to show all across the platform for all vendors. It can Be the next seven days or next 30 days.
Productwise Timetable For WC vendor
C HOLIDAYS The admin can set global holidays here , this is particularity use full for national holidays such as 4th July or Easter or Christmas etc. He can also set the shop closed day which is used by maximum vendors like Sunday.

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How to setup:

About 5 minutes
Necessary Items:

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